2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Sedan with 4.0L Bi-Turbo V8 Rendered

To the delight of photo manipulators, all three major German premium carmakers, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, are very predictable (to the point of tediousness sometimes) when it comes to the appearance of high-performance versions of their regular models. As such, imagining the styling of upcoming cars like the next Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG sports saloon is a pretty straightforward process – change the grille, lower the ride height, add model-specific front and rear bumpers, side skirts, bigger alloy wheels and trim details, and you’re all set. Before we leave you to take a closer look at Virtuel Car’s digital-made photos of the car, let us tell you that, unlike the latest BMW M3 and M4 that swapped their predecessors’ naturally aspirated V8 for a force-fed inline six, Mercedes will continue to offer a V8, but instead of being naturally aspirated, the new 4.0-liter unit is reported to employ the use of twin-turbochargers for close to 500-horses. Designer: Virtuel-Car

2015 Mercedes Benz C-ClassMercedes-C63-AMG-W205-2Mercedes-C63-AMG-W205-3


    in this segment, 500 HP it’s too much

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I think so too. But it is an easy way for Merc to one-up BMW. I remeber the hey day of the E36 M3…just 240hp, yet the power and chasis combo is a pure delight. Still is today, thought 240hp in a performance sports sedan is abysmal.

    • donald seymour


    • That Ross Chap

      It’s Mercedes Benz – they can cope with it.

  • Tom

    “500 HP it’s too much” <— Hilarious! … Why is it too much? Who made you engineering god to dictate to us if its too much? If you think 500HP is too much then you are definitely not a piston head and do not belong on a website like this making comments.

    Cars are stronger, safer, more capable and also a hell of a lot heavier than cars of old. 500HP is not too much at all, in fact I would like to see the car come with more HP, much more. If you don't like 500HP there are plenty of low powered C class models to chose from or buy a Prius. But please stop making ignorant comments about things you know little about.

    To the other dude about the E36 M3, please move on with the times. The 90's are over, they were over decades ago. Cars are faster, look better and more reliable now than you silly little E36. If you are going to chose a classic M3 it would be only because of looks and in that case at least chose the E30 not the ugly with zero racing pedigree E36.

    By the time engine tuners finish with this new twin turbo charged 4.0L C63 it will be pushing out 700HP with ease, can't wait!

    • That Ross Chap

      While I agree with your point of view that Mercedes Benz can cope with the power, I do not agree that if you think 500bhp you are not a ‘piston head’.
      Performance isn’t just about power, but also about how it is used.
      I would generally prefer a car with slightly lower power for great reliability, fuel economy and a more stable power delivery.