All-New 2015 Ford Mustang Rendered as a Four-Door Coupe

The power of modern photo editing tools allows hobbyists and designers alike to create new versions of real cars in a matter of minutes. Adding an extra pair of doors on the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang is the kind of job we’re talking about, which is what Hungarian designer X-Tomi did. While the result may be a perplexing one, baffling all those who will lay eyes on it, it’s objectively speaking not the worst looking sedan in the world, and I think it’s much prettier than the Dodge Charger, a car this four-door ‘Stang would have to face off against in the real world; next to it, the Charger looks dated and disproportionate… There’s always room on the market for a good-looking four-door with rear-wheel drive, modern independent suspension to ensure both comfort and road holding and a historically resounding name. It won’t be to everybody’s liking in imagined four-door guise, but we won’t judge you if you admit to seeing yourself at the wheel of one of these, with three of your friends along for the ride. Photo is attached below. By Andrei Nedelea Designer: X-Tomi

Ford Mustang Sedan2

  • Frank Smithey

    I love it do both a 4 door and a 2 door I think it is great if dodge can do it with the charger and I hate dodge ford should do it… I think they will hit the market with the married guy that has a family and does not want a sedan for just driving like me I want one that is for road and track and touring it all slap a couple turbos on it maybe or a super charger on it and sale it gooooo for it ford I am all for it… best 4 door cars that are muccle cars I would like to see just to see them mustang charged (it is made) camaro and to be honest a corvett may not look to bad don’t know…. maybe even a viper