Arkansas Game and Fish Officer Hunts Down and Catches Man in Nissan Sentra

The name may sound a little quirky and even funny to the ears of many readers, but Game and Fish Officers are actually authorized to make arrests, searches and seizures for violations of State game and fish laws and regulations. And yes, their work may even involve chases, as this dramatic POV (Point-of-View) footage shows. We don’t have specific details about the incident other than that it happened on August 2012, with the footage uploaded a couple of weeks ago – if you do know more, share with us in the comments. From what we understand, the Game and Fish Officer assisted in making the arrest of the…freaked out man (you’ll see what we mean by that in the video and we might even forgive you for giggling at the man’s expense…) running in the Nissan Sentra sedan on the side of an Arkansas highway. Watch the footage in the video after the jump.