Can You Tell The Car Under This Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker-Style Cover?

After admiring the imagination the owner of this car who ordered a custom-made cover styled after the world’s most famous sneaker, the ageless Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars that have been around since 1917 (!), we then tried to figure out what make and model is hiding under it. While give you a few moments to think about it before you turn in your answers in the comments, let us tell you that this picture was shared on Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s FaceBook page. The custom-cover was made by the folks over at CoverKings. A quick look at their site didn’t provide an answer on the sneaker-style car, but we did find a few more bespoke covers of interest, and in particular, “exact graphical replicas” of the Fiat Abarth, Chevrolet Camaro Mk5 and Corvette C6 and the Ford Mustang Mk5, for the respective models, you know, to be able to see your ride when tucked away, just as long as you can swallow the $1,250 price pill…