Chris Harris Leaves Systems On In New Porsche 918 Spyder

The Porsche 918 is finally ready as a production car, so this time, Chris Harris didn’t have some German man to his right telling him which buttons to prod and which of the five driving modes to select. Now he took control of the hybrid hypercar by himself, though he realized that it’s not the kind of car that’s forgiving at the limit, due to the high power and high weight combo that defines it. However, it’s by no means boring to drive or look at, as you would probably imagine for a car that sprints past the benchmark speed in two point five seconds dead, has all-wheel drive that responds instantly thanks to the electric motors and one of the nicest and most futuristic dashes I’ve ever seen, and the coolest one in any Porsche to date. It shows Tesla that you don’t have to go all Gulliver with the touchscreen to make a nice looking standout feature… Harris’ full impression of the car can be found below. Be warned, though, that he doesn’t disable the electronic safety nannies, so it’s by no means a video filled with lots of sideways action.By Andrei Nedelea