First-Gen Ford Focus With V8 Swap and RWD is for Sale

The first generation Ford Focus, launched around the year 1998 world-wide, had advanced independent suspension at all corners and a well-judged chassis and steering, qualities which ensured it excellent credentials for both ride and handling. However, those things are of little importance when you drastically modify such a car, and turn it into a rear-wheel drive V8 muscle-hatch, like the person selling the 2000 model-year car you see below, from Craigslist. It runs a lightly modded crate GT40 302 motor that puts out a claimed 340 hp which, as previously mentioned, is directed at the rear wheels via what appears to be a solid rear axle… The transmission is another Ford-sourced part, a C4 automatic transmission with three speeds. No actual performance numbers are provided, though theoretically, it could hit sixty in under six seconds (pessimistic estimate), if it’s properly set up and calibrated. That gearbox does not sound appealing either, in this combination; a manual gives extra control and you need it in a car like this. Check out the photos and have your say after the jump. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: Bringatrailer


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  • Tom

    He was obviously smoking something good when he decided on the conversion and the asking price.

  • T_Cake

    So he took a light, fun-to-drive hatch that handles well and turned it into an early 80’s Mustang?

  • kachuks

    I once read an article where someone shoehorned a Cadillac 300hp Northstar V8 into an 80’s VW golf.

    • KAG25

      Saw the video to that

    • Keep_Calm_And_Deadpool

      Also the same engine in a DeLorean.

  • KAG25

    Not bad except for the dash seems like after thought, and the price seems like way to much