Jay Leno Drives Twin-Engined 2002 Mini Cooper with 500HP

For one owner of a 2002 Mini Cooper, the factory-fitted supercharged 1.6-liter engine wasn’t enough, so he added…a second identical engine in the boot of the car. But that wasn’t all: each engine was then boosted to produce 250 horsepower, so this double-trouble Mini has…500 horsepower in total and is all-wheel-drive. The car has two transmissions as well which yoke to the same controls in the cockpit, so when the driver shifts the lever, gears change simultaneously. Similarly, when the gas pedal is pressed, both engines accelerate at the same rate. The car is not street-legal and is only used for racing, with the owner, Jacques Andres, aiming to take it endurance racing later this month. This is a mean little racer, as Jay Leno has found out during a short driving session. If you’re into mechanical stuff, make sure you watch the video, as the complexity of the project and the ingenuity of its creator will definitely be to your liking.By Dan Mihalascu