Just Wow! Woman Keeps Chillingly Cool as Her Car Flips Upside Down!

Women often receive a lot of internet-flack for their driving skills, but we won’t be getting into that, as it’s a pointless discussion topic. What is cool, though, is how the lady in the video posted below takes rolling over in her car, barely even flinching any of her facial muscles in the progress – it’s one of the calmest looking rollovers I’ve ever seen caught on video. So she’s driving around (on what probably are bad tires by the looks of it), and as a moderately-wide left-hander approaches, her car slips a few inches outside of the road surface, then loses control and slides to the other side, rolling into a big ditch. Thankfully, she was wisely wearing her seatbelt and stayed safely in place through the whole incident, though the expression on her face as she shuts off the engine is not one of relief, but one of frustration… By Andrei Nedelea