Meet The Daltons: Cops Suspended for Cursing and Playing Tough Guys at School Kids in Bus

Two Georgia officers from Dalton, Georgia (get the title now – if not, then you might not be familiar with Lucky Luke comic book series) have been suspended for using more curse words than a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson as a sailor, on a bus full of school kids. The incident took place on Monday, November 11, when the bus driver of a school bus in the area pulled over and told the students that she would call the cops if they didn’t “stop hollering and screaming.” Well, being kids and all, they didn’t, so the woman made her words a reality with Dalton Police Department Officers John Gurrieri and Steve Collins responding to the call. Local news site The Daily Citizen and the got a hand of the transcript beginning with the driver’s 911 phone call. “They are just out of control,” the bus driver told a First Student dispatcher. “Just go ahead and send the Dalton Police out here.” After a few minutes, the cops arrive with Gurrieri boarding the bus the first. “Really? Really? You have a bus driver calling the cops on a bunch of middle school kids,” Gurrieri said. “Really? Come on. Who is being the biggest punk? You going to take the blame? Here’s the problem. Alright? She (the bus driver) is driving 50 of you guys home?” Gurrieri then turned to a student and told him, “Wipe the stupid smile off your face. OK? Why don’t you get up and go outside?” Officer Collins then took the kid off the bus and was heard calling him a “jackass”. In the meantime, Gurrieri continued talking to the students: “You want to act like a bunch of hellions? She (the bus driver) can’t (expletive) focus on what she’s doing. What if she flipped the bus over? Or hits somebody? You think it is (expletive) funny when you’re hurt or when someone else is hurt? What’s funny then?” “So now we have to come on the bus and I have to discipline you like you’re my children,” Gurrieri continued. “You ain’t my children and I don’t want to discipline you like you’re my children. OK? You guys are at the age where you’re about to go to high school. You’re about to put adult clothes on. Alright? Make the choice.” He then turned to one of the kids at the back: “Do you want to go outside too, man?” Gurrieri told him. “I’ll call your parents to come pick you up. I’ll give you a citation. I’ll do whatever I want, man. Look, just act like you freakin’ have some sense, man. All of you. It’s not that big of a deal.” “All your parents are going to have to leave work or leave home or whatever they have to do to come down here to pick each of you up,” he told students. “Then you all get citations. OK? Then all of you have to go in front of the judge. The juvenile judge. And she’s got no tolerance for this (expletive).” “She expects more out of 12- 13- 14-year-olds. Alright? Does anyone want to raise their hand and volunteer for that? No? So how about we just act like we have, you know, have a brain in our head and go home. You want to act like crazy (expletive), do it at home.” “When you have that stupid look on your face, all I want to do is put you in the back of the car and take you to jail,” Gurrieri told the student. “One day, I’m going to get to do that.” The kid returned to his seat still smiling – well, if you place yourself in his age and shoes, it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it… Once the two cops left, the driver of the bus is heard from the video inside the vehicle saying: “One day you’re going to learn that I mean business and I mean business,” the before repeatedly shouting, “Shut up! Shut Up!” “I said shut up or I’ll pull over and call them on you again,” she said. “I don’t want a word out of any of you. I mean it. We will be on silent ride until you learn respect.” As for the two officers, Police Chief Jason Parker described their actions “out of line with department and community standards.” He said that the incident came into light after one of the student’s parents made a complaint to the police department.