Owners of Saab Go the Full Way, Announce Re-Release of 9-3 Sedan Pictured Here

So after firing up the Trollhättan production line for the first time since GM-controlled Saab made any cars, new owners National Electric Vehicle Sweden or NEVS have now officially re-launched the 2014 model-year 9-3 sedan, currently the only model they make. However, there will be no small capacity diesels or manual air-con controls here, as all the cars manufactured will be in the top-spec Aero trim headed straight for China. The only engine currently on offer on this mildly revised 9-3 is a 220 hp turbocharged 2.0-liter. Aside from what you see above and below, the press release is really devoid of information, unless you think officials speaking on the difficulties of restarting car production is really worth your (or anybody’s) time. If you had quality concerns surrounding this new car, officials don’t want you to worry, and have stated that they’re making very cars very slowly so as not to make them badly – ten cars per week at first. Then, they will slowly shift their attention to churning out the all-electric car they promised to deliver upon taking control of Saab’s home factory earlier in the year, and possibly increase production of the current model before then, if there’s demand. Note: Photos shown below are actual new press photos of the 2014 model-year 9-3, released by NEVS By Andrei Nedelea