Report Puts New Octavia Scout in Skoda Showroom Next Year

One of the most interesting versions of the old Skoda Octavia was the Scout, a raised and all-wheel-driven version of the wagon with extra ruggedness in the form of customary plastic cladding. It was a very attractive prospect that did not try to masquerade itself as an SUV or crossover, always proudly showing its estate body shape that usually sat on large alloys (the Scout mandatorily came in high-spec). Now, Autocar lets us know that a new one, based on the completely redesigned Octavia wagon, will be launched on the European market by August of 2014. Getting the same treatment as the old car, it will definitely be one to watch for; hopefully, they will leave it simple-looking and understated, like the old one, and not go all crazy with shiny trim pieces and fake chrome strips to make this also feel like a luxury vehicle… That task (of being posh) will be left to another new version of the Octavia that’s purportedly also coming too, a more lavish variant that will bear the names of the company’s two bicycle-building founders Laurin and Klement. By Andrei Nedelea Note: old-gen Octavia Scout pictured