Report Suggests Honda is May be Looking to Cancel Insight Hybrid

Despite undercutting its Toyota Prius rival, the Honda Insight is not a successful model, so much so that Autoblog Green says it has fair reason to believe that while it will still be around for 2014, the year after that does not bring the certainty of continued production with it. They base the argument on inside sources who explained usual preparations for a 2015 model-year Insight are not being carried out. It could be gone within the year! They asked Honda too, in an official manner, but they could “neither confirm nor deny it,” so it may very well be true. It’s not like anybody is going to shed a tear for the Insight, though, a car I personally always thought of being incomplete, or incompletely engineered, rather, as it electric motor could not power the wheels separately of the petrol engine – it had no full EV model and that’s a must-have feature it was sorely lacking, if you ask me. Besides, if it does go away, in the US, buyers would still be left with the Civic Hybrid which is a few (thousand) dollars more, but a lot more conventional looking. By Andrei Nedelea
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