Stretched VW Bus to Get Brushless Heart of Totaled Tesla Model S

This stretched VW Bus will accelerate off the line as quickly as some sports cars (probably) once it receives its… unusual engine swap. The grand plan conjured up by Otmar Ebenhoech, the man behind this project, is to rid it of its clattery diesel engine and replace that with the salvaged powertrain from the back of a totaled Tesla Model S (number 7822, an 85 kWh car), also making it capable to handle the power, and using its battery too. After assessing the damage to the car, Otmar discovered that its front suspension components are unusable, as is its steering rack (among others he needs), and he’s now looking for somebody “parting out” another wreck to gather everything he needs. He is experienced in EV conversions, though, and regularly drives an all-electric Porsche 914, so we look forward to seeing what he creates. It sounds ambitious since the idea is to get all of the functionality of the donor car, but as you’ll see in the time-lapse video posted below, they’ve already proceeded to making room for the Model S’ small brushless electric motor in the engine bay of the VW; the second one shows the wrecked silver sedan arriving on a flatbed.Story References: Plugincars and Green.autoblog By Andrei Nedelea