Take a Look at the Wonderful Cars from the Garage of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

It’s no secret Paul Walker and his friend and business partner Roger Rodas were very passionate about cars, and their unfortunate destiny was to lose their lives in a Porsche Carrera GT supercar crash on November 30, 2013. The video you’re about to see shows how impressive their auto collection was. Released a year ago by the folks from The Smoking Tire, the video didn’t say at the time who owned the cars, at the request of Walker and Rodas. However, the description of the video was recently changed, with the uploader admitting the cars belonged to the two men. “Though we originally respected their privacy when they asked not to say who owned the cars, as we filmed this over a year ago, it makes no sense now not to say the cars all belonged to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas,” reads the video description. The two friends clearly had a taste for fast, beautiful automobiles and for high-performance cars, as you’ll see a lot of souped-up, lightweight limited edition models in their collection. However, they seemed to have a particularly soft spot for Saleen-prepped Mustangs, of which there are many in their garage. Scroll down to check them out.By Dan Mihalascu