Take That Sgt. Jones: VW Plays Prank on Stockholm Passersby with a Beatboxing e-Up!

Everybody knows electric vehicles are as silent as bicycles at city speeds and need to be equipped with artificial sound systems in order for pedestrians to hear them. The VW e-Up! makes no exception, and the carmaker wanted to show people the advantages of silent motoring by comparing the e-Up! to a conventional vehicle. In order to do that, VW fitted its EV with hidden loudspeakers as it was driven through the Swedish capital of Stockholm. On the backseat of the car sat vocalist and beatbox artist Fatih Sahin, who surprised passersby by imitating driving noises in an original way. Obviously, the beatboxing e-Up! didn’t go unnoticed, with people on the streets being surprised by the unusual noises coming from the EV. In the end, the e-Up! was joined “spontaneously” by buskers with their guitars and flutes, adding to the relaxed atmosphere. Scroll down to listen to the man-made sounds of the e-Up! in VW’s official video.By Dan Mihalascu