Toyota Prius Hybrid Taxi Clocks 1 Million Kilometers in Vienna

When it comes to the Toyota Prius hybrid, we mostly hear about its fuel economy and emission numbers, but the Japanese carmaker is now highlighting another one of its qualities and in particular, its reliability after a taxi-version of the car topped the 1,000,000 kilometer (621,504 miles) mark in Vienna, Austria. The Prius Taxi is owned by local cab company “EcoTaxi” and has been in service since 2007. “As the name suggests, our company aims to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. For this, the Toyota hybrid vehicles with environmentally friendly technology and extreme durability are the perfect cars, “said managing director Milan Milic. The taxi brand, which has more than 200 Prius hybrids in its fleet, said the record-breaking model had no “defects or glitches” and that it only performed the regular maintenance on the car during its 1 million km run. The car will continue to be used with its owners saying they look forward to hitting the second million km mark in the near future.