Two Men Kidnapped from their Car Right in Front of a Policeman in Mexico City

You can tell that a society is breaking apart when drug dealers, gang members and career criminals of all sorts have no problem kidnapping people from their cars in broad daylight (see another recent abduction here) right in front of the eyes of a police officer and dozens of citizens who stand helpless, afraid or sometimes even indifferent. Adding to the many abductions that have taken place in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is this kidnapping of two men from their pickup truck on Thursday, December 5. It was filmed by a concerned citizen who tried his best to help out and show that people shouldn’t turn a blind eye. Believe it or not, there was a policeman there (or at least he was dressed as one) who did nothing more than go back and forth, not knowing how or wanting to react to the eight or so armed men pulling the kidnapping. The brave eyewitness who filmed this unbelievable scene and shared it on YouTube under the alias “anonimatto animato” said that he went to report the incident to the local police department where he was met with indifference “I went to want to raise a complaint to the federal police and they made me wait 1 hour. They did not serve me and pretended nothing was wrong,” he said. “The person I talked to was a woman with curly hair in the federal police at the airport and she approached me super slow, as if nothing had happened” Watch the kidnapping in the video below.