We Visually Compare the New 2015 Mustang to the Previous One and the Original

The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang is not retro in its styling in any way, but it is influenced by its predecessors, and particularly the original model before it started gaining weight (from the 1964 to 1968).

It’s a much more svelte looking design job than that of the outgoing fifth-gen Mustang, leaning more towards sports than pure muscle car, though, I think it’s always been kind-of in the middle of those two criteria.

The previous car ended up being not bad at all to look at after a couple of facelifts, particularly in the light green hue it’s been shown in more recently, but it seems brutal, whereas the new car is more pointy-looking and dynamic, if you will.

Thus, we decided that this is as good an occasion as any to place the three models side by side, and see just how they compare visually.

The new 2015 model has been reengineered from the ground up, and while it has the same wheelbase as the outgoing car, it seems differently proportioned, with a changed stance.

For me, the front screams classic Mustang, though, again, it’s not retro, but it would still look good if you swapped out these modern front lights for a pair of classic round ones. I think that from the rear three-quarter view, it really harks back to the old car in a big way too.

Inside, it also looks like a big step up, but it’s not as big as the one the new Corvette took over its predecessor, at least not from the photos we have so far. Here too the design theme is continued from the previous model.

Take a look at the gallery we prepared for yourself and share your thoughts. It may not necessarily be a highly relevant question, but which of the three do you find the most attractive?

By Andrei Nedelea


Mustang-Comparison-1Mustang-Comparison-2Mustang-Comparison-3Mustang-Comparison-4Mustang-Comparison-5Mustang-Comparison-6Mustang-Comparison-7Mustang-Comparison-8Mustang-Comparison-9Mustang-Comparison-10Mustang-Comparison-11Mustang-Comparison-12Mustang-Comparison-13Mustang-Comparison-14The All-New Ford Mustang GTMustangInspiresMustang-Comparison-17Mustang-Comparison-18Ford Mustang studio design model, September 1963Mustang-Comparison-20Mustang-Comparison-21Mustang-Comparison-222013 Ford Mustang Boss 302Mustang-Comparison-24Mustang-Comparison-25Mustang-Comparison-26Mustang-Comparison-27Mustang-Comparison-282013 Ford MustangMustang-Comparison-30Mustang-Comparison-31Mustang-Comparison-32Mustang-Comparison-33Mustang-Comparison-34Mustang-Comparison-355th December 2013 Barcelona, SpainThe all new Ford Mustang at the Ford “Go Further” event at the CCIB - Centre de Convenciones Internationale de Barcelona.Photo: Neil Turner/Timbismedia for Ford of EuropeMeet Gail Wise, the Woman Believed to Be the World’s First Production Ford Mustang OwnerMustang-Comparison-38Mustang-Comparison-39Mustang-Comparison-40Mustang-Comparison-41Mustang-Comparison-42Mustang-Comparison-43Mustang-Comparison-44Mustang-Comparison-45Mustang-Comparison-46Mustang-Comparison-47Mustang-Comparison-48

  • blacky

    I see your favorite drink is haterade!! Jejeje

  • lambchop over grits

    Heres one for ya. I feel the mustang does need more -sexier- styling. As seen in the original the 1st and 2nd gen mustang (which includes the shelby GT500 Eleanor) was far lower longer wider in appearance, sleeker and sexier than the current car which IMO still reflects the -compact car- proportions first introduced with the frog ugly pinto based mustang II; who’s small boxy scaled carried over to the fox body. Mustang needs more Sportscar proportions and at least 2015 is an effort in that direction. Im not talking about making the car Girly in anyway, but giving it proportions that will improve performance and overall look. As seen in my comparison chart. The current mustang is a big Fat pig. every time i see someone driving one there head looks tiny in comparison to its size. Sure it has small car proportions but overall its actually the biggest mustang of them all. and the heaviest. And for all its size the interior is still cramped. filled with bulky plasticy paneling. a complete waist of space and tons of uncessary weight. 2015 is a move in the correct direct regardless of knit picking. sometimes looking at things size by side clears stuff up.

  • taylor

    Ford was using that design on focus for years, and ohh.. btw lets not forget Aston martin and Jaguars design remake came along during there time under Ford ownership, which brought them both from bankruptcy. but… i guess your too young to remember.

  • chuck9

    One thing i love is all these new wet behind the ears kids quick to talk b.s. without actually knowing where design ethics originate from. some so stupid to argue the origins of a brand new marque in comparison to cars thats been around longer than theyve been born. Like.. the typical Corvette looks like a ferrari. when the corvette has maintained its signature style evolution since the 50’s, along comes a 458 italia that looks nothing like its predecessors and they say the c7 is a copy of it. foolish. or the Mustang aston martin debate. Little beknownst to these idiots is the fact that aston martin created a doppelganger of the 1968 mustang fastback several years after its debut with the 77 v8 vantage. but hey.. they dont know because they only watch topgear and listen to ther god jeremy clarkson by which all there babble derives. look kids. do yourselves a favor and research. look beyond slick slogans and here-say and maybie youl learn something, mabie even get a better understanding why cars are they way they are.

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