WTF? NY Police Officer Threatens Man for Washing His Car on His Driveway!

We understand the concept and importance of obeying the law, but sometimes you can’t but question the people that came with up some of these rules. A man in New York was left puzzled when a sour neighbor called in the cops because he was…getting ready to clean his car on his driveway! The man, who uses the YouTube handle “JokRKidd“, seems like he was expecting something to go down as he and his friend had their camera set on record as soon as the police officer walked on their driveway. When they see the cop, they ask him, “What’s the problem officer?” to which he replies, “The problem is that your neighbor doesn’t like you”. According to the cop, it is illegal to wash motor vehicles in a public area, and the man’s driveway is considered as such. Without more details regarding the city where this took place, we can’t comment on the violation (we don’t know for example if the driveway is indeed considered a public place or if the law is an environmental one). See the video below the jump and if you have something to add, proceed to the comments.