Drifting on Public Roads Becomes Criminal Offense in Saudi Arabia

Drifting on the wide roads of the Middle East is very popular, and while it may be spectacular to watch when it goes right, it ever so often doesn’t and people die. That’s why the country suffering most, Saudi Arabia, is passing new laws to try and control it, by making it a criminal offense, whereas before it was considered a traffic violation.

According to ArabNews, the finishing touches are now being put on the actual text supporting the new rules, meaning that all who are caught doing it for the first time will face trial and confiscation of the vehicle for a month, plus a fine of around $2,700 (€2,000).

Second-timers’ punishment is naturally more severe and will see their car impounded for three months, the fine doubled and some jail time (for up to 1 year). Let them catch you again and its value doubles yet again, on top of the 1 to 5 years now also thrown in.

Passengers and spectators will not escape blame, and if apprehended will be asked to hand in $400 (€300) or their car for a period of 15 days.

Scroll down and check out the videos below – this is what the new laws are meant to prevent, if you are not familiar…

By Andrei Nedelea


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