Guy on Motorcycle Goes Through Old Packard Factory, in Detroit

The crumbling remains of the old Packard factory in Detroit, that closed its doors in 1956, make for an eerie and dark motorcycle ride. The video you see below was shot in late October of last year in order to test both the Honda motorbike that you see (a newly built custom) and a camera-toting drone. The result is definitely worth two minutes and thirty seconds of your time, as it not only comes with good production values but also some excellent views of the city in the distance, seen through openings in the crumbling reinforced concrete. It’s definitely a place of pilgrimage as far as the US auto industry goes, the old plant that is, and this is not the first nor the last video to feature it in a nice, artistic way, with the ever-present shadow of Detroit’s economic downfall and the extent of its implications still visible today.By Andrei Nedelea
Exploring Detroit’s Packard plant on a dirt bike