Homemade Russian Batmobile…of Sorts Looks Blisteringly Fast!

The passion for Batmobiles is not limited to just the US, and as you’ll see in the video below, it also surfaced in Russia. It shows driving shots of a homemade vehicle that has a Batmobile-esque shape (okay, you’ll have to use your imagination) and arrangement and goes like hell when the driver puts his foot down. We have absolutely zero information as to what it took to build it, what it’s based on or what powers it, but judging by the sound (and the go), it’s a turbocharged V8 of sorts, with a very open exhaust and intake system – it sounds really crisp and sporty, even in the poor quality the footage was shot in. I’m not exactly sure how new this build is, but it doesn’t seem like something we’ve seen before, and it looked so fast that I had to pass it along for you to see. Check it out by scrolling down to after the virtual jump.By Andrei Nedelea