Mazda Cosmo Originally Shown at 1968 Paris Show up for Sale

The 110S Cosmo is a car that has a very unique shape; unlike other manufacturers from Japan at the time, the two-door Mazda really had a style of its own which it retains to this day. Seen in short-wheelbase guise with a red body, the car you see below is the actual example that took part in the 1968 Paris motor show, the venue where it was originally unveiled back in the day. Now, the exact same car can be yours for an asking price of sub $30,000; it’s available on eBay. The ad explains that while it is the short-wheelbase model, it features the front fascia design of the later long-wheelbase examples – it’s apparently preferred over the original face it came with. Power for it comes from a later-model 13b rotary engine that drives the wheels through a gearbox that didn’t exactly fit and they had to hack at the transmission tunnel a bit, in order to make it fit. Still in need of restoration and missing some important bits like the rear lights, it’s definitely a nice car, if you’re into the stylish 60s and want a piece of that for yourself, but one that is much less expensive than the prestige brands of the day. Browse through stills of it below. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: eBay via BAT