Renault and Dacia UK Sales Up 55 Percent in 2013

The Renault Group has announced that its UK sales for 2013 noted a significant 55.3 percent jump over the previous year. Helped in part by the newly-offered Dacia brand, the French automaker managed to shift 63,319 cars over the recorded twelve-month period; notable models under its own badge are the new Clio and Captur crossover (basically a taller Clio). The Captur outsold its Peugeot 2008 rival almost two to one, yet it lagged behind the Nissan Juke and more expensive MINI Countryman – it came third in its respective category. The group now occupies a market share of 2.8 percent (up from 1.99 percent last year), of which 0.76 percent is held by Dacia. The Romanian manufacturer, which has a four model-strong range at the moment, managed to sell 17,146 cars through its first full year in the UK – 7,830 Duster crossovers, 5,025 Sanderos and 3,770 Sandero Stepways. By Andrei Nedelea