Report Insists that Future SUV is the First of Many Hybrid Bentleys

There are reports on the web that bestow the future Bentley SUV with an electric motor to help its large gas-guzzling engine provide swifter yet more efficient progress. According to UK magazine Autoexpress, the VW-owned manufacturer has already confirmed that it is indeed the case, adding that a plug-in hybrid variant of the new utility vehicle could hit the market in 2017; precisely one year after the regular one, previewed by the EXP 9 Concept, makes its debut. It goes on to predict that it won’t be the sole Bentley hybrid, and that it is, in fact, a sign of things to come. From what we understand, the entire range bar the Mulsanne will follow suite. The tech used would be similar to that used by another of the group’s luxury brands, Porsche, in the Panamera and Cayenne hybrid models. This rumor seems very likely, but we won’t know for sure until the SUV makes its debut sometime next year, before going on sale one year later. Hopefully, they can at least get the design right this time… By Andrei Nedelea
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  • ssijpaleszmato

    Damn, this thing is fugly.

    • Close your eyes and…

      But I still would…

  • pcurve

    Design chief: “We need more chrome on this car. Any idea?”
    Intern: “…. how about… around the tail lights?”
    Design chief: “YEEEAHHHHHH!”

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Gorgeous. I’ll take one in white, along with a Mulsanne please,

  • Bryan Bates

    My dog could av penned better, eye watering ugly

  • Dr Gripe

    Utilizing a CNG Carbon Fiber 25,000 PSI Canister fueling system or even the Hydrogen Canisters proposed by Eisele, that can fuel the Hydrogen fuel cell tech now available would reduce weight and keep horse power.

  • Dr Gripe

    Utilizing a CNG Carbon Fiber 25,000 PSI Canister system or even the Hydrogen Canisters proposed by Eisele, that can fuel the Hydrogen fuel cell tech now available would reduce weight and keep horse power.

  • Callanish

    Maybe hybrid Bentley’s are the future, but for the love of God why can’t it be something that doesn’t look like that horrible abomination.

  • Matt

    I believe people are exaggerating how unattractive this concept is. It isn’t perfect, and the details need refining – but it does an impressive job of looking ultra-premium (not to mention having huge presence), which is hard to do on an SUV. Just look at how badly Cadillac failed with the Escalade.

    If they made it look more mainstream to appease the internet commentators who can’t afford one anyway, those same people would complain that it looks just like a ML-Class with a Bentley grille.

    • Status

      You honestly think the above Bentley EXP 9 F concept is respectable, whereas the Escalade is not?

      I know they are not in the same segment, but the Escalade is far from a failure in terms of image. It’s a pity the same can’t be said of the EXP 9 F when it debuted; the people on CS think so.

      • emjayay

        I thought the image of the Escalade was that it was driven by some guy from the ghetto who make a lot of money dealing drugs or with a rap hit. And generally features chrome spinner wheels, and a sound system that rattles house windows as it cruises down the street.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        You see, seeing one in erson makes all the difference. Bentleys and Rolls Royces must make an impression on the on-looker, which sometimes means the vehicles must appear like caricatures. Same applies to Ferrari and Lamborghini.
        The EXP 9 will be a very successful vehicle for Bentley. People said and still talk sh*t about the Cayenne, but it pretty much saved Porsche and Porsche has no problems selling every single one it makes. Resale value is very high too. Ditto the X6.
        So I will go with sales over internet comments any time any day.

      • Matt

        Maybe I was just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but I was also referring to styling not image. Cadillac has tried to instil its SUV with classic design signatures like a large grille, chrome accents and chrome rims. However, it comes off looking tacky and unrefined.

        Bentley is trying to do the same thing, incorporating a classic design theme onto an SUV – and it almost works. I know it has received huge negative feedback but I don’t think that feedback is completely fair.

        And let’s be honest, pretty much every comment on every car blog is negative. People who like a car don’t usually see any reason to validate their opinion with a post. However, people who hate a vehicle feel compelled to let everybody know.

        It’s an Internet thing in general, not limited to car sites.

        Anyway I can see why people don’t like the EXP 9 F, but luckily as the name suggests it was an experiment to gauge public reaction. And who knows, perhaps the car fared favourably with current Bentley owners during private test screenings? That is often the case.

        • Status

          “Maybe I was just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but I was also referring to styling not image.”

          That’s what I was unsure of, and I would agree with that.

  • ck

    Does this come with a complimentary big red rubber nose and oversized shoes?

  • prynne

    this takes afluent vulgarity to hitherto unexplored levels…

  • MMNYC18

    This concept has grown on me, but the front graphic is a hard pill to swallow. I think with a more refined face, reworked front fenders (that wrap around character line is 60’s American, not Bentley) and real-world wheels, the Falcon will be a winner.

  • Ιωσήφ Μαρκαντωνάκης

    Range Rover rules !! They should get some design lessons from the latest version of Range Rover if they want to promote this ugly thing.

  • Alex


  • thatrandomsam95

    This is weird, but I actually like it. I don’t know, it looks expensive but that good kind of ‘unnecessary’ expensive. It’s weird and I’m not making any sense.