Top Gear Drops Two More…Tedious Teaser Trailers for Season 21

Seriously now, only Top Gear UK can get away with the most useless of teaser trailers and still drive up traffic on its YouTube channel. I mean, if you thought the first teaser for the show’s next season (number 21) with Jeremy Clarkson was meh, wait until you see the ones with co-hosts James May and especially Richard Hammond. Both are only 10 seconds long with May shown driving what looks like a Dacia Sandero and uttering something about a service schedule, while Hammond appears to be in a Ford Fiesta chewing black licorice, and well, just that… You’ve been warned, but if you insist on wasting 20 seconds, be our guest and click play below.

Note: Since it’s kind of counterproductive to answer to each and every commentator here, and if you haven’t read my response in another piece, I’ll just place down some thoughts. Two people here on Carscoops, including Andrei and me, did not find said clips funny at all. Again, as I mentioned previously, I understand what Top Gear tried to do, but it bored me to hell, and I said it. I am confident that many readers found the teasers more humorous than a shaggy carpeted house full of monkeys, but I’m also under the impression (and the repetitive comments using the same stereotypes indicate this), that a good number of people would find a Top Gear video with a white screen running for 20 seconds tummy tickling, simply because, well, Clarkson told them that it’s a “British Understatement”. Just think about it for a moment. In any case, we welcome all comments. By John Halas