BMW M235i Green Hell Edition is an Upcoming Track Tool

If you’re into racing and track events, the 2-Series you really want is BMW Motorsports’ M235i Racing, but if for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to get it, then RS-Racingteam is proposing its own version of a track-focused M235i dubbed the “Green Hell Edition”. Seen here in rendered form, the RS-Racingteam M235i program will kick off in April this year offering interested parties a variety of options. The motorsports tuner says it can gut out the entire interior to significantly reduce weight, while adding all the necessary safety measures such as a full roll-cage, 6-point racing seat(s) and fire extinguisher – though, do note that RS-Racingteam’s interior press shots featured below are not from the M235i but from the 135i. Changes are made to the car’s exterior with aerodynamic components, carbon fiber panels, special paint jobs and 18-inch BBS or ATS alloy wheels mounted on racing tires, as well as under the body with modifications to the powertrain, suspension, steering and braking systems. The German company said that prices start from €57,800 (US$78,100) including Germany’s 19 percent tax/VAT, which compares to the M235i Racing’s entry price of €59,500 (excluding VAT).