Chinese Police Officer Clings On to a Runaway Car’s Windshield for 2 Miles!

We’re used to see crazy videos from Russian roads, but once in a while, footage emerges from another country reminding us that the world is round and surreal things happen on roads everywhere. Take this video from China for instance, which shows how a regular traffic stop can quickly turn into a potentially deadly situation. The driver of a Geely sedan stopped by the police suddenly decides to split, much to the surprise of an officer who decides not to let him go and jumps on the car’s hood, holding on to the windshield. The runaway car is followed by a police car, which recorded the chase. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show how the chase ended, but the description says it went on for 3 kilometers (1.86 miles). We’re hoping no one was hurt. As for the brave police officer, he may consider at least a part-time job as a professional stunt man. By Dan Mihalascu