Classic Mini Gets Toyota Celica AWD Drivetrain and Engine Transplant

If you can’t decide which you’d rather like more: the maneuverability and fun of a classic Mini or the grip and power of a Toyota Celica, then you should know that you don’t have to settle for either and can have both… at the same time. Proof of that are the three lengthy videos posted below that go through the Mini-Celica conversion, in the typical British fashion. The car you’ll see reaching completion in the last of the three videos is the work of Bad Obsession Motorsport, and a very special little car (the fourth one contains outtakes and NSFW language). The idea for the drivetrain transplant, now known as “Project Binky,” was to completely strip the 1980 Mini 1000 and cram it with the running gear and powerplant of a Toyota Celica ST185 GT4 – yes, it’s all-wheel drive and that went into the Mini too and it’s half the reason why the car is special, as stated before. There’s a lot to talk about, so we recommend you grab some popcorn or other snacks, scroll down and get watching; close to a full hour of footage awaits, but it’s actually enjoyable to watch, as well as also being educational and inspirational at the same time. It’s basically what would have happened had the Subaru in this video not missed the Mini…By Andrei Nedelea