Disgruntled Russian Torches Neighbor's BMW X6 for Parking on Playground

If you’ve ever lived in a place where parking is scarce and people rush to capture any opening they find on the road, sometimes going as far as claiming spots as their own (…), then you’re surely aware of how hectic things can get between neighbors. In the Russian city of Astrakhan, things got completely out of hand when a reportedly enraged man put a BMW X6 on fire. Carscoops tipster Martynas, who saw the report on television, tells us: “In the news they say that, the neighbors were fed up because that X6 was always parked on the kids playground”. If his motives were indeed parking- and not mob-related (you never know…), one does wonder why he didn’t simply call the police to which you could answer, he did, but they never did anything about it… The torching was recorded by a nearby surveillance camera in which we see the man approaching the white X6 at around 50 seconds into the video, with the firefighters making their appearance at the 23-minute mark. Shout out to Martynas for the submission!