New McLaren 650S Official Photos and Video Walkaround!

The first two shots of the new McLaren 650S that we shared with you about an hour ago were only the tip of the iceberg, as we discovered that the British firm held a…not so private presentation, from which, we not only have official photos, but even a brief video walk-around the supercar as well. All information we have right now comes from The Sunday Time’s Driving section, which reports that McLaren F1 driver Jenson Button helped develop the new 12C-based 650S, which gets a 650PS / 641bhp turbocharged V8, an increase of 25hp over the former. The Sunday daily mentions that all “go-fast bits” from the 12C, including aerodynamics, tires, suspension, brakes and transmission have been uprated on the 650S. While the 650S was developed to slot between the existing 12C and the P1 hypercar, the report says that, McLaren accepts sales of the 12C “could falter in a market where customers demand the latest”. In other words, the 650S could eventually replace the 12C in the range if it’s more successful. By John Halas Story References: Driving