This 500 HP Tuned GMC Syclone Actually Needs the Big Spoiler

Since even the most hopeless-looking trucks can be turned into tarmac munching corner carvers, then the GMC Syclone seems like a worthy candidate for such a role. It’s all-wheel drive so it already has traction, but not apt to deal with the twisties like a proper sporty car can, with a high center of gravity, low torsional rigidity and the lift-producing bed at the back.

Adam Auerbach, however, the owner of the Syclone you see in the video posted below, has managed to work around all of those issues and anything else that came up along the way, and conjured up this mad creation.

It has a claimed 500 hp that still goes to all four wheels, but in order to achieve it and make it work on the road, heavy modding was in order. He first put the radiator in the back (he covered up the bed, only leaving room for the air to pass through) to make room for the large intercooler, and then fettled with the (stock) engine.

That’s what you don’t see, though, and the first thing that draws the eye on this particular build is the big spoiler on the back, which is needed to counter the lift created by the pickup shape, especially at the higher speeds it can reach.

Scroll down and check out the full drive of this Syclone, hosted by Drive’s Matt Farah.

By Andrei Nedelea


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