2014 Camaro Nicks Volvo While Executing a Foolish Pass on Canyon Road

Double yellow lines on the road are there for a reason, usually indicating a no passing zone – we say usually, because in some states, like Vermont, it is allowed to unless a signpost specifically prohibits drivers from doing so. But besides the law, it all comes down to common sense; you just don’t pass a convoy of cars on a narrow road just ahead of a sharp corner, which is precisely what this 2014 Camaro driver did on Malibu Canyon Rd. Reddit member “humanwire“, who was the one to film this incident with a dash-cam, explained in a posting: “Went out this Saturday to hit up my favorite canyon road with some friends, but it ended up being closed once we got there. Hesitantly, we decided to give a Malibu canyon road (Decker Canyon, aka Route 23) a try on the way back, so the whole day wasn’t a complete waste. I was quickly reminded why I don’t like driving on Malibu canyon roads, and why I head out much further away from Los Angeles for some frisky driving. A group of three cars came barreling up behind us; a black Camaro, a red Mazdaspeed 3, and a black M3, unable to wait a second for a turnout. Completely ruined the fun mood of the trip, and my friends and I turned around almost immediately so we wouldn’t be associated with that group. Wouldn’t want a CHP call to go out including us with that group. Too many [email protected] drivers. Too much traffic. Too many police patrols. Less than stellar roads (not all of them).” If you heard a sound of body contact between the Camaro and the Volvo, you’re not alone as we heard it and so did the OP, who when asked about it, wrote: “Indeed he did. I heard it. I tried to find the Volvo on the way back to perhaps provide this video for insurance purposes.”By John Halas