All New Hyundai Sonata Officially Shows Face in Korean Spec

The Genesis-inspired look of the all-new Hyundai Sonata has not surprised us one bit, since we were already acquainted with its face via an unofficial set of low-res parking lot shots. Gone are the swooping lines of the current Sonata, as is the noticeably pronounced rising side crease, replaced with a modern facial treatment and a much more restrained styling philosophy. It runs the risk of alienating those buyers who chose it solely for the shape, but perhaps its more common look will broaden its appeal. Slightly longer and wider than before, the car promises improved interior space and 41 percent greater torsional rigidity through the use of high-strength steel, as well as offering a sportier drive; Hyundai calls it a “dynamic driving experience.” Handling and safety characteristics are aided by the latest electronics the industry has to offer, including active cruise control. Multimedia has also taken a step forward towards the next-gen with the new model, or so they say – personally, I’m weary of car infotainment quality claims, because frankly it still sucks on the majority of vehicles. The car you see in these photos is the Korean domestic market version, of which they want to sell 63,000 through 2014, aside from the 165,000 they see a market for overseas. In 2015, they’re aiming for a total sales figure of 338,000. In Korea, the car will be offered with a choice of three engines: 2.0 CVVL with 165 hp/168 PS, 2.0 LPi with 148 hp/151 PS and 2.4 GDi with 189 hp/193 PS – the latter will most likely be used in US-spec cars. Meanwhile, Korean buyers will be able to opt for either a six-speed manual or an automatic with the same number of gears. By Andrei Nedelea