Here’s a Sneak Peak of the New 2015 ForTwo and ForFour [w/Videos]

Daimler’s Smart brand is getting ready to turn a new leaf in 2014 with the introduction of two all-new models, the successor to the current ForTwo and the revival of the ForFour, both of which are related to the new Renault Twingo that was presented to the world earlier this month in Geneva. The new ForTwo will stick to the same basic formula it has been using for the past two generations, with a two-seat layout and a rear-engine, rear-drive setup. Whereas as the original ForFour was as distinctively different proposal than the ForTwo of its time, but far more conventional and in line with other products in the sub-compact segment as it shared its underpinnings with the FWD Mitsubishi Colt, the new model will be very similar to the ForTwo, yet very different from other offerings in the category sans, of course the Renault Twingo. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch (pun intended) to say that, unlike the original B-segment ForFour, the smaller A-segment new model is a longer, five-door version of the 2.7 meter-long ForTwo with seating for two more people at the back. Smart recently mentioned that, while the ForFour (along with the ForTwo) will share up to 70 percent of their components with the French city car, the two models will bear no resemblance to each other. The ForFour prototypes, however, seem to paint a slightly different story, but we won’t know for sure until Daimler peels of the heavy camouflage from their cars. Apart from the platform and along with numerous other parts, the trio of co-developed models from Smart and Renault will also share their new three-cylinder powertrains, which include a naturally aspirated petrol mill with 69hp (70PS) and a turbocharged version delivering 89hp (90 PS). More potent engines will be added down the line, while Smart is said to be developing an all-electric powertrain as well. The ForFour will measure around 3,500mm (137.8 inches) in length and will be introduced online in July, ahead of a world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in October, which may also host the debut of the new ForTwo, though, we have yet to receive official confirmation on that. PS: If any of our German speaking readers can provide a rough translation of the highlights mentioned by Smart in the third video, we’d appreciate it By John Halas