Italian-Iranian Facelifts his BMW M6 with a Sledgehammer for the Second Time

You could say Pourmohseni Hadi has a very complicated love-hate relationship with his E63 BMW M6 Coupe. Some of you may remember Hadi’s antics from last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show  when he parked the V10-powered coupe outside the entrance of the Frankfurt am Main center and started destroying the car with a sledgehammer to protest what he claims to be, poor customer service from BMW. At the time, he stated that he would restore the vehicle and do the same. And guess what? He actually followed up on his words with actions, bringing the car outside of the Geneva Salon this week and demolishing it again in front of the cameras! As we reported last year, Hadi said that, soon after acquiring the M6 brand-new for €120,000 ($166,400 at today’s rates) from a BMW dealership in Italy, the car started making rattling noises and severe jolts during gear changes. The angry owner stated that he tried to get BMW to fix the car but they refused to address the alleged problems. By John Halas

Here’s the statement from the owner:
“I have the new car BMW M6 (120.000, – EUR) bought in Italy in 2008. The onboard computer of the car signaled the beginning of a transmission failure and other errors.
When driving the car, there are various noises, vibrations, rattles, bumps, etc. The car is rolling at slow forward running back suddenly and then continues, with a loud impact noise and changing gears, forward again (very dangerous). , the BMW workshops felt that this was a electronics thing that had to be re-adjusted and the car will function properly. The electronics have been adjusted several times, the problems were not solved.
The car was ten times in the workshop, but the cause has not been resolved to this day. The BMW dealer has, despite its immense engine and transmission damages rejected any more repairs on the grounds that they could not fix it on, because her BMW computer terminal show no errors and that I should address myself only to BMW Italia. BMW Italia has written to me, for them the car is sound, since they carry out their repairs of BMW cars with direct access to the computers of the BMW Munich, according to the criteria of the BMW parent company in Munich.
For BMW Italia “the product as is”, otherwise “should act BMW Munich.” 2011, I stopped making payments to the BMW lease, informing them they are the transmission losses of the verify mileage and take back the car. The leasing company has rejected this offer. You do not accept the engine and transmission losses to date.
BMW Leasing Italia has my company and as “credit unworthy non-payers” entered me in the credit and financial center of Italian banks register (today) and so my company and me enormous economic damage inflicted. too, the psychological damage caused by the stress I had and have, are considerable.
Middle of 2011 I applied for a judicial expert opinion. In July 2012, the courts in Italy have BMW leasing Italia, BMW Italia and BMW Munich testified together, the car was perfect and flawless. My detailed letter from July 2012 onwards BMW remained unanswered. In judicial expert opinion from February 2013 BMW Italia and BMW Munich have lost. exists, the engine and transmission damage.
The experts from BMW Italia and BMW Munich have signed this report. accepts Why BMW engine and transmission damage only by a court? Is BMW really designed technically so weak and not to identify the gear damage their own product in the situation?
After all these circumstances BMW has only made a non-binding, oral repair proposal. A binding repair not accepted BMW, because BMW does not admit the existing drive failure.
I expect a complete and plausible explanation of BMW. Who is responsible for my damages at this time? ‘s conduct BMW is not an isolated case, similar to many other BMW M6 customers happened. Purchase agreements for new cars are designed on one side: BMW secures it all right, the buyers, however, are they do not.
The purchase contracts must be made on the basis of equality, only the customer can be a partner who not only has duties but also rights! Since BMW still silent and I have no way to get to my right, I see myself forced to make it through protest actions the misconduct of the BMW public. This is done with the intention to help BMW to be honest, the customer to take it more seriously, to manipulate less and better serve.
Solange BMW arrogant silent and not willing to find a correct solution to the bilateral problems caused by them, I will represent with further protests this issue publicly. My first protest was on September 14, 2013, the IAA in Frankfurt.