Mitsubishi 3000GT Has Plastic Surgery to Supposedly Replicate Ferrari F430 Looks

You can add this eBay find to our ever-growing file of Ferrari clones, or rather, wannabe doubles, because just like the two previous Mitsubishi 3000GT-based Ferrari F430-replicas that we showed you in the not so distant past, the plastic surgery leaves plenty be desired when it comes to its Ferrari likeness– and that’s being kind. Open up the door and you’re greeted by overly sized Ferrari pads resting on the headrests greet together with a purple air freshener and a petite aftermarket steering wheel with a flat bottom and a cut upper section that should prove interesting in terms of ergonomics and safety – imagine smashing your head into that… Everything else seems to be Mitsubishi 3000GT, including the 3.0-liter V6 feeding the front wheels through an auto-box. One thing that strays away from the 3000GT world is the eBay asking price of $16,999. By John Halas