Red Bull Team Makes Pointless Video of F1 Car vs F/A-18 Jet

The image-building department behind the Red Bull F1 team really seems to have run out of new ideas. That’s probably why they’ve resorted to setting up a race between their 2011 racer, the V8-powered RB7 that revved close to 19,000 rpm, and an F/A-18 multirole jet. However, what they’ve done is take an old vision of originality, beat it with a stick, change the angle and then make a video about it, after both Fifth and Top Gear had already done so years ago, as well as many others. But yeah, it’s filled with plenty of highly-defined and slowed down moments that seem impressive and commentary from Daniel Ricciardo and the pilot, but it could have only been judged as such like five years ago… It shows exactly how the heads of F1 feel about F1 fans’ intellect. What about the actual “race” itself? Well, as you’d expect, the car has the edge off the line, but then surprise-surprise the plane catches up just as it takes off and raises its landing gear; shocker! Scroll down and check out all of the videos; only the first is from Red Bull.By Andrei Nedelea