Turkish Driver Tries to Board Moving Ferry and Slips Into the Sea, Five Year Old Girl Dies

A terrifying accident that took place on a dock at Istanbul’s Sirkeci port in Turkey last Saturday resulted in the death of a five-year old girl. Footage from the ship’s security camera captured the moment that the red Dacia Sandero Stepway, which was carrying four people, including three women and the child, attempted to board the ferry as it was pulling away from the dock. The car came to a halt as soon it jumped on the ship, but the hatchway was not properly closed and the hatchback rolled back and fell into the water. Two women were able to exit the car and swim to land, but the little girl and her grandmother had to be rescued by drivers, according to news daily Hurriyet. “I jumped into the sea to save them, but the girl slipped from my hand. The naval police then arrived and saved them,” eyewitness Gürkan Sünbelli told the newspaper. While the child was alive when divers picked her up, sadly, the five-year-old girl died after being transferred to the hospital. Turkish authorities arrested the captain and two ferry personnel for  involuntary murder, but the court released all three. It’s not clear from the information provided and the video if the driver bears any blame as well, as the ship was moving away when the car approached it. By John Halas