Dacia Duster Comes to the Rescue of Stuck Porsche Macan

Even if Dacia wanted to, I doubt it could get a better marketing push than this incident that occurred during a Porsche Macan press event in Morocco today and which was shared by Car Magazine’s Gavin Green, who tweeted: “Porsche Macan stuck off roading in Morocco. Dacia Duster to the rescue”. In a following tweet, Green shared another picture of the Macan going over a rocky surface with one of its rear wheels in the air and the comment, “Macan actually proved better off road than I thought. It survived this without Duster assistance”. Perhaps the lesson that could be learned here for automakers like Porsche is to make sure there’s always one of their own models around to help out when necessary… By John Halas Shout out to Carson Tse for the tip! Photo Credits: Gavin [email protected]