More Photos of Ferrari's SP FFX – Interior Looks Even Gaudier….

As it turns out, those shots we shared of the Ferrari SP (for Special Project) FFX earlier today were only the tip of the iceberg, because plenty more have been discovered circulating around the web. Ferrari evidently showed the one-off FFX that was created for an unnamed client at a special event in Tokyo, this past February. Reports from Japan, as well as the new pictures, appear to confirm that the FFX is indeed a two-seater version of the 2+2, shooting-brake-style Ferrari FF with a coupe roofline and some provocative color choices for both the exterior and perhaps even more so, the interior that uses a mix of black, red and blue leathers. We also learned that the Special Projects model by Ferrari maintains the donor car’s 651hp (660PS) 6.3-liter V12 engine mounted up front and the brand’s patented 4RM four-wheel drive system that engages the front wheels by choice or when necessary on low grip surfaces. By John Halas Photos via LoveFerrari & Autgespot