New One-Off Ferrari SP America – Can You Tell Which Model It’s Based on?

It’s only been a few months since Ferrari displayed to a select few its most recent one-off model dubbed SP FXX and created by the brand’s Special Projects division, yet it seems that the Italians have already finished off another unique car, purportedly named SP America. The photo landed on our virtual desks from Carscoops’ reader Rafael, who mentioned, “I got an exclusive and reliable pic to the next Ferrari SP AMERICA!!”. As you may imagine, details are extremely thin at this point and the only thing we managed to learn is that it should be introduced soon – whether Ferrari will make a big deal of it or if it only shows the car through certain channels, is another matter. By John Halas Update: Our tipster just told us that it is a “targa version of the F12berlinetta” Thanks to Rafael for the pic!