New Report Says BMW Green Lights M2 Coupe for 2015 Production

Whereas some find the M235i adequate for their needs, others strongly disagree and would love to see BMW creating a pureblooded “M” variant of the 2-Series Coupe. And while there’s nothing official yet, the team members over at the BMW specialist forum 2Addicts say that, according to “multiple inside sources – who have been accurate in the past”, the Bavarians have given the M2 a green light. The same sources mention that the M2 is scheduled to enter production in late fall of 2015, with first deliveries at the very end of 2015 or early 2016, They added that, while an inline four was considered, BMW ended up going for N55 3.0-liter turbo inline-six (codenamed N55B30T0) with around 370 to 380PS (365hp-375hp), up to 50hp more than the M235i and at least 50hp less than the M3/M4. Unlike the limited production 1 M Coupe (you know, the one you should have bought when priced $47,010 brand new and now hovers over $60,000 used…), the M2 is expected to be built in regular numbers. As for the price, one can only guess, but assuming the usual 30 to 40 percent premium than BMW charges for M cars over their top standard models, and taking into account the fact that the $43,100 M235i already contains a few thousand dollars’ worth of M Performance kit, along with the M4 Coupe’s $64,200 and the M3 Sedan’s $62,000 MSRPs, we think it should be under $55,000 in the USA. By John Halas Note: Below you’ll find renderings of the M2 Convertible made by CarScoopS reader Dejan Hristov and of the M235i Racing
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