Six, Eight, Ten and Twelve Cylinder F1 Cars Sound Check

It’s only natural to complain about the inverted blow drier sound engine note of the latest turbocharged F1 cars, when we have an entire history behind the racing discipline when roaring engines made up an integral part of the experience. But no longer, as you may have heard in any of the races run so far this season. Good thing they didn’t scrap those old F1 cars, and saved them for posterity, because they are spectacular to watch in action. The video posted below, courtesy of YouTuber Marchettino, features a wide assortment of F1 Ferraris featuring engines raging in cylinder number from six to twelve, with or without a turbocharger. In fact, in contrast to the latest V6 turbos, the one from the olden days sounds very different, a lot deeper and more like highly tuned road-going V6 that is constantly thrashed (the Ferrari 126 C2 at second 55 of the video).By Andrei Nedelea