U Spy: Close to a Dozen 2016 Chevy Volts Spotted in Colorado

There’s an all-new and more wedge-shaped Chevrolet Volt coming our way within the next 18 to 24 months and one of our awesome readers had the opportunity to stumble upon an entire group of camouflaged testers in Colorado, and of course, he quickly pulled out his camera to share the pictures with all of us. “Here are the pics I took in Silverthorne Colorado of an upcoming Chevy Volt,” Brett Borgard told us. “There were around 10 of them doing some high altitude testing in the mountains of Colorado.” The heavy camouflage leaves plenty to the imagination, but we can’t help but think that the 2016 Volt has a more aggressive silhouette (no doubt formed by aerodynamics) than the current model, which to be frank, is neither a looker nor did it ever have the futuristic feel that most people expect from these type of vehicles. Whereas the looks of the Volt will be freshened up, its electric heart will continue to beat the same drum using a gasoline engine as a range-extender, albeit in refined state and with the rumored addition of a more affordable base version with a smaller battery pack and shorter driving range to help boost sales. A big salute to Brett for the scoop!