Young Texas Driver Sends New Camaro ZL1 Into a Pool

You can now add drowning to the list of ways drivers kill performance Chevrolets, after the young owner of a new 2014 Camaro ZL1 purportedly lost control of his sports coupe breaking through a fence and landing in a community pool in northwest Harris County in Texas, fortunately, without anyone being injured. Unsurprisingly, police investigators told Click2Houston that the driver of the $57,650 (including destination fees and gas-guzzler tax) 580hp-strong ZL1, who was not named but was seen in the video with the aftermath, was driving too fast. One of the driver’s friends, Ashton Brantley, who was driving behind him, said he saw the incident unfold in front of his eyes. “I was driving right behind him the whole time,” Brantley told reporters. “He lost control, and I think he took his traction control off. And then he just hit the curb, and then went into the fence, and then he hit the pool.” The driver, who crawled out of the car’s window, could be cited with a number of charges, and may be responsible for damages to the fence and pool. By John Halas H/T to Chris R. and TXGarage!