Ferrari's New One-Off SP America Undisguised

A little over a month after one of our readers forwarded us a single photo of the next project from Ferrari’s Special Projects (SP) division called the SP America partially shielded under a white sheet, a new image of the one-off supercar appeared online. The photo of the undisguised SP America was sent to YouTuber Marchettino by a one Davide who said the car was being transported to its new owner. Ferrari hasn’t released any information on the car with the three nostrils on its hood, but it is thought to be based on the V12-powered F12 Berlinetta with the addition of a targa-style top. This is the second SP project we’ve heard of in the past couple of months, the other one being the 2+2 seater FF-based FFX. By John Halas
Ferrari SP Amercia Ferrari-SP-America-2[3]Ferrari-SP-America-1[3]