Old C2 Corvette is the Antidote to Modern Cars’ Precision and Safety

If you have only driven modern cars and not once tried your hand with something old, imprecise and without a synchromesh gearbox, then you know what you have to do next. Find yourself say a Chevy Corvette C2 from around 1965, get in and enjoy the experience – the older the better…

As the reviewer in the XCar video posted below points out (and gets it spot on), a car like the original Stingray is “the antidote” to the precision, safety but ultimate boredom that you get from sanitized modern cars.

Health and safety organizations have taken the fun out of motoring almost completely, and nowadays manufacturers have to go to great lengths to re-engineer some enjoyment back into their rides.

Even so, nothing beats an original, and the C2 sounds and looks the part both inside and out, plus it has real identity and character – you can’t confuse it with anything else on the road. Jay Leno approves.

By Andrei Nedelea


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