RichKidsNaps: Privileged Private School Teens and Their First World Supercar Problems

Have you ever heard about a Facebook group/page called “What Happens at Private School Goes On Snapchat” @ PrivateSchoolSnapchats and their linked accounts on Snapchat @ RichKidsNaps and Instagram @ official_richkids, which are purportedly run by an anonymous teen(s) who shares photos of what goes on in the lives of privileged rich kids? Well, now you have… It’s hard to say to how much is real and how much is fabricated, but evidently, there’s a lot of exaggeration going on, either for amusement or to provoke and draw attention to the page(s). If you take everything at face value (which you shouldn’t), then these teens hate mingling with the working class, especially when it comes to transportation, they wear watches worth more than your car, use 50-euro bills to wipe their butts, and as you may have guessed, have a difficult time choosing rides. When not driving their own super- and luxury cars to their ritzy schools, butlers in Rolls Royce Phantoms or their daddies in McLaren MP4s come to pick them up. Real or not, the pages drew many negative comments on the web, and the moderator of the Snapchat account made the following statement to BuzzFeed over the weekend: “Of course there is a huge amount of anger about my snapchat account. Understandably it upsets people that I am spending money on unnecessary things, and more importantly bragging about it. ] A lot of people tell me I could be giving to charity instead. I completely understand that it upsets people. However I donate over 80% of my income to charity. In fact my bank automatically sends 80% of any payment going into my account directly to my charity holding account, which then gets distributed to around 100 charities of my choose at the end of every month. On top of this, I donate generously to various charity events. I also want to make clear that the only reason I do this is because I want to. It gives me pleasure knowing that I am donating money to good causes. I most certainly do not do it so that I can tell people that I ‘give to charity’. Also, the only reason I am saying it in this email is to make clear that I do not take all my money and waste it on pointless luxuries.”By John Halas Photos: Facebook/ PrivateSchoolSnapchats