U Spy: What's Up with These Camouflaged Cadillac ATS Coupes and Sedan?

Here’s our latest reader scoop, courtesy of Patrick Harmon, who spotted these three Cadillac ATS prototypes parked together a couple of weeks ago. “I took these shots at a hotel near the Denver International airport,” he tells us. “Two ATS coupes, one in camouflage the other with just pieces covered and the sedan with black bumpers and grille. You can see the space for the new Caddy logo clearly on the front of all of them.” The sedan we know from previous spy shots that it’s the 2015MY ATS with the wreathless emblems and the new front grille that grows in height and loses the bottom extension on the bumper, which itself, has been redesign. The ATS Coupe is scheduled to go on sale in the States just before the end of summer with a starting price of $38,990, so we don’t know if these two models are older engineering prototypes or if Cadillac is testing something new. Feel free to take a closer look at the photos that Patrick sent over and tell us if you spotted anything different or new on the cars. By John Halas Thanks to Patrick for the scoop!